The Caramanico School was built in 2006 in a remote area of Cambodia, Ratanakiri Province in association with American Assistance for Cambodia.   It is a four room lower secondary school serving 230 - 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students.   Students come from long distances to attend, some traveling 10 km each way. 

Beginning in 2012, a preschool and kindergarten was established, with over 70 students attending. There is no other preschool in the province or region, and is the first of its kind.  As of January 2014, we are also including support for the adjacent primary school of 400 students. 



About the Schools

We are working to make the Caramanico Schools a model for other rural schools in Cambodia. To us, a model school would ensure that students have the appropriate education to become a global citizen, and all that entails.  This means all types of literacy, from language, computer skills, math skills, and interpersonal skills needed to participate in the future of Cambodia's rapidly changing economy. 

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The Goal of Our Work

Education of the rural third world requires much more than we can possibly understand in the developed world. It includes access to health care, clean water, an adequate diet, and gender equality. To do this, we need to have participation by people in developed countries assist in every way possible. 

This is a tall order, but one that we feel is key to lifting people out of poverty. We believe that education is the key to making this possible, for giving people the tools to fashion their own future. 

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There is no greater gift than the ability to brighten a child's future. Make a gift today and turn a child's dream of a better tomorrow into a reality.

This can happen by contributions of time, money, materials, and persistent good will. 

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